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Meeting Room Rentals

Bring a client. Have a team meeting. Meeting room rentals give your team a fresh and productive setting in which to get to down to business

You are preparing to conduct a big meeting. It could be with your team, or with that important prospective client. Either way, you�ve concluded that this is no ordinary, everyday meeting. You are looking for a place that has minimal distractions and an impressive setting that will allow you accomplish your goals and help you move forward in your business. We have all been there, and we are here to give you that selection of meeting rooms that meet fulfill of those requirements and then some.

From professional business centers to hotels conveniently located around the country, we have the locations for you to conduct your meetings that you can be proud of. Book a meeting in a matter of seconds and never settle for an unprofessional meeting room again.

Our meeting rooms are designed to allow you to focus on what matters most:

  • Complementary high-speed Wi-Fi access in all meeting rooms
  • Available presentation tools, from whiteboards to flip charts
  • Audio conferencing
  • Available video conferencing equipment upon request
  • Professional customer service for any of your needs while you are there
Training Room

Find a Training Room to Make the Greatest Impact When Developing Others

We want to help you find the perfect training room for your needs. Our team has firsthand experience in setting up workshops, training sessions and seminars. We understand that every space is different and will eventually affect how people learn. Many times these workshops may run for hours, sometimes days. You want to make sure you�ve found the proper environment for your new team members or students to learn in effectively.

Checkspaces helps you find spaces that foster learning without the distractions. We have found many spaces that can help stimulate positive discussion and really get the juices flowing. We want to help you inspire and deliver lasting value.

Conference Room

Find Conference Room Rentals for Meetings and Training Sessions

We want to make it easy for you to find high-quality conference rooms available to book by the hour or by the day. You may need a conference room to meet with potential clients, to train new team members, or to get away and start moving the needle on an important project. It is difficult to accomplish any of these tasks in a coffee shop, your living room or even your office.

We have found that many people like to change up the environment to start stimulating very different types of conversations.

We want to open up our network of conference rooms so you can make a professional impression while being mindful of your budget. Every conference room meets a certain standard to make sure you are productive in a quiet and comfortable location.