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Mobile Workforce

Solutions for the Mobile Workforce

We know the era of the 9-to-5 job is over, and if you�re a company that is developing a mobile workforce, you have come to the right place. Whether your employees are meeting with clients on the road or telecommuting, our remote offices and meeting room rentals can provide the necessary resources for your mobile workforce.

We know what it's like to be in a last-minute jam for an office in which to get work done while on a business trip, or meeting with a client. You can be rest assured that Checkspaces provides your mobile workforce with a quick and simple process for booking spaces on the go. Your employees won't even need to take a break during their previous meeting to book the next.

Let us accommodate you and your team on the go, when you need space the most. A benefit is you won't be carrying around your entire office. Choose either private or shared space in many locations. Start finding spaces for your developing mobile workforce today!


Benefits for Enterprise

Make Money on Excess Space
Telecommuting employees and changes in the way your employees work have made traditional office infrastructure an increasing burden. We want to help you make money on empty desks and unused meeting rooms. With Checkspaces, you can open your doors to other like-minded individuals and firms.

No Long-Term Leases
Companies first starting off, and even mature companies, are locking themselves into long-term leases they are simply not ready for. You shouldn�t have to pay in advance for space that might not align with your business growth trajectory and risk hurting business performance. Checkspaces can help your company and its employees find flexible work options when they need it.

Sometimes You Need to Get Out of the Office
Temporary project teams with pressing deadlines may find inspiration or stimulated productivity with a change in environment. Whether your team just wants to whiteboard out some ideas or lock down and get some serious work done, Checkspaces helps connect you to the spaces you need with convenient, one-step booking.

Build Meaningful Relationships
While working out of different spaces, your team may get a fresh perspective on your company�s processes or learn new ways to approach problems when working side by side with innovative companies. Every space has its own culture and community members of all disciplines. You never know what synergies you can discover.

Private Office

Find Private Offices for Any Need by the Hour, the Day, or for a Few Months

We understand the importance of choosing the right place to work. Your new private office can give you access to a whole new network that could eventually impact the growth of your business. Many people looking for private offices may either be just starting off or looking for something on more convenient or flexible terms.

Whatever the reason may be, we want to make sure the process is as easy as possible so you can find the right space for you. Checkspaces allows you to find short-term workspaces available around you or wherever you may need to be. Many of the spaces in our network allow you to try working out of your new private office for the day to make sure it is a comfortable fit before you commit to anything.

Finding a private office affects your potential business relationships, your productivity levels and may even improve the quality of your own life. Checkspaces wants to keep it simple.

Training Room

Find a Training Room to Make the Greatest Impact When Developing Others

We want to help you find the perfect training room for your needs. Our team has firsthand experience in setting up workshops, training sessions and seminars. We understand that every space is different and will eventually affect how people learn. Many times these workshops may run for hours, sometimes days. You want to make sure you�ve found the proper environment for your new team members or students to learn in effectively.

Checkspaces helps you find spaces that foster learning without the distractions. We have found many spaces that can help stimulate positive discussion and really get the juices flowing. We want to help you inspire and deliver lasting value.

Conference Room

Find Conference Room Rentals for Meetings and Training Sessions

We want to make it easy for you to find high-quality conference rooms available to book by the hour or by the day. You may need a conference room to meet with potential clients, to train new team members, or to get away and start moving the needle on an important project. It is difficult to accomplish any of these tasks in a coffee shop, your living room or even your office.

We have found that many people like to change up the environment to start stimulating very different types of conversations.

We want to open up our network of conference rooms so you can make a professional impression while being mindful of your budget. Every conference room meets a certain standard to make sure you are productive in a quiet and comfortable location.


Boardrooms for Your Next Big Meeting

We make it easy for you to find a boardroom anywhere, by the hour or by the day, for your next meeting.

We know there is a certain impression you are trying to make when looking into boardroom rentals. Board meetings have a certain standard of quality that need to be met in any professional setting. Whether you are just opening up the conversation or sealing the deal, we�ve made sure every boardroom meets both quality and comfort.

Checkspaces offers boardroom rentals that have met this standard at convenient locations across the country.

Our boardrooms are designed to allow you to focus on what matters most:

  • High speed Wi-Fi access
  • Presentation tools from whiteboards to flip charts
  • Audio conferencing
  • Video conferencing

With Checkspaces, you can expect high level of quality with every boardroom rental.